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Green Screen Studio for DKM Multimedia

Green Screen Studio for DKM Multimedia

A green screen studio to carry out face-to-face teaching and learning (PDP) activities and out-of-class activities involving students.

The green screen technique is a useful tool for video production because it allows technicians to take a photo of something and superimpose it on a background of their choice. It gives them enormous flexibility because they can use a different location altogether as the background, or if need be, animated digital background for an interesting effect.


Also known as Chroma Keying, the green screen video filming technique involves shooting a subject against a solid green or blue color background. When editing, the image is superimposed onto a different background to create the illusion of having shot against the final background. The reason for green and blue colors to be used is that they are easy for the editing software to select the subject and remove the background.


Saves time: Because of the simplified logistics of the shoot, the videography team can complete a larger number of shoots than what would have been usually possible if the shoots were at different locations. The time saved can be significant because it can take a lot of effort and time for people and equipment to be transported to different locations and everything to be set up. By using green screen backgrounds, all the shoots can be done at the same location with different backgrounds used at the editing stage to distinguish them.

Saves the hassle of shooting at the location: There are many locations where traveling could be time-consuming, expensive, or even impractical due to political conditions, unfavorable climate, lack of infrastructure, and other reasons like being crowded or noisy. By using a green screen, you can shoot in the studio with the actors. Thereafter, a small crew can film the background and complete the editing process in the studio. The outcome of saving time and effort results in significant savings in cost.

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