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wdt_ID Name Position Unit Email Extension
1 Mohd Yusri Bin Mohd Nor, SMP., PJK Executive Director ED Office myusri[dot]mnor[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 100
2 A Rahim Bin Omar, APP., AMP. Deputy Executive Director ED Office abdulrahim[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 141
3 Khairul Anuar Bin Mohamed Noor, PKC. Assistant Director ED Office khairul[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 134
4 Nur Nasyuha Binti Ishak Latiffi Assistant Director ED Office nasyuha[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 110
5 Haslinda Binti Saad, PKC. Admin Assistant ED Office linda[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 101
6 Mohd Khairulrizal Bin Jusoh Operation Assistant ED Office khairulrizal[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 134


wdt_ID Name Position Unit Email Extension
1 Hajah Mazlina Binti Haji Mastor, AMP. Director Administration, Corporate & Human Resources mazlina[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 140
2 Norizam Binti Abdullah Assistant Director Administration norizam[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 126
3 Sharifah Zaidah Binti Syed Kamal Assistant Director Human Resources & Integrity zaidah[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 120
4 Dfaara Maimee Binti Mohd Azmi, PKC. Admin Assistant Administration dfaara[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 108
5 Sahibah Binti Abdul Wahid, PKC. Admin Assistant Human Resources & Integrity sahibah[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 106
6 Nur Fatin Najwa Binti Mohamad Fauzi Operation Assistant Human Resources & Integrity fatinnajwa[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 102
7 Hairuddin Bin Azizan Operation Assistant Administration hairuddin[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 115
8 Umar Baki Bin Suboh Operation Assistant Administration umarbaki[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 115
9 Administration, Corporate & Human Resources


wdt_ID Name Position Unit Email Extension
1 Fakhrul Adly Bin Hashim Director Finance and Investment fakhrul[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 112
2 Noor Azlina Binti Azmuddin Senior Assistant Director Finance and Investment noorazlina[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 114
3 Nor Hawa Binti Daud Admin Assistant Finance and Investment hawa[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 113
4 Mohd Khiruddin Bin Abd. Jabar Assistant Procurement Officer Finance and Investment khiruddin[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 136
5 Nor Farrahin Ainina Binti Nor Azmi Admin Assistant Finance and Investment farrahin[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 113


wdt_ID Name Position Unit Email Extension
1 Nasrul Rahman Bin Abdullah, AMP. Director Centre Of Excellence (CoE) And Technical Research nasrul[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 188
2 Norizan Binti Abdullah, PKC. Senior Assistant Director CoE norizanabdullah[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 200
3 Zairi Suhardi Bin Mamat Assistant Director Technical Reasearch (Smart Manufacturing) zairi[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 412
4 Siti Fatimah Binti Tohayat Research Officer CoE Drone fatimah[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 201
5 Mohd Faizzudin Bin Ghazali Research Officer CoE Drone faizzudin[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 207
6 Noor Hubaida Binti Daud Research Officer CoE Drone hubaida[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 408
7 Siti Norsyazwani Binti Talib Research Officer CoE Internet of Things syazwani[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 431
8 Norashimah Binti Mohd Sanusi Research Officer CoE Internet of Things norashimah[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 431
9 Sayed Mohd Saipulbahri Bin Syed Hashim Research Officer CoE Internet of Things sayed[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 408
10 Intan Azlin Binti Idris Research Officer CoE Big Data And Cyber Security intan[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 431
11 Wan Razana Binti Wan Utama Research Officer CoE Big Data And Cyber Security wanrazana[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 431
12 Mohamad Zakry Bin Hashim Research Officer CoE Renewal Energy zakry[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 415
13 Muhamad Taufik Bin Ramthan Research Officer CoE Creative Content taufik[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 207
14 Zatul Irkin Binti Zainordin, PKC. Research Officer CoE Business Digital irkin[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 201
15 Muhamad Shamsuri Bin Nazri Technician Technical Research shamsuri[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 204
16 Mohd Noor Syafiq Bin Ismail Technician Assistant Technical Research syafiq[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 204
17 Muhammad Faleq Aidid Bin Mohd Shamsul Kahar Operation Assistant CoE Creative Content faleq[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 207


wdt_ID Name Position Unit Email Extension
1 Rashdan Bin Abdul Manaf, AMP. Director Strategic Engagement rashdan[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 109
2 Muhammad Suhaizzat Bin Mohd Salleh Senior Assistant Director Special Program Unit suhaizzat[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 125
3 Suzila Binti Saad, PJK. Assistant Director Short Course suzila[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 104
4 Mohd Adhan Safarin Bin Kamaruddin Assistant Director Special Program Unit adhan[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 125
5 Siti Nurul Aishah Binti Mohd Yasin, PJK. Assistant Director Short Course nurulaishah[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 104
6 Ajmal Ghassani Bin Kamarzaman Assistant Director Short Course ajmal[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 105
7 Nur Shuhada Najwa Binti Zainal Admin Assistant Short Course najwa[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 105
8 Wan Azie Yusrina Farida Binti Wan Yusoff Admin Assistant Special Program Unit azie[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 127
9 Fairos Binti Embong Senior Operation Assistant Short Course fairos[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 108


wdt_ID Name Position Unit Email Extension
1 Roziah Binti Ahmad, AMP. Director Facilities Management, ICT & Development roziah[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 103
2 Norizan Binti Mohd Daud, AMP. Senior Assistant Director ICT & Rental izan[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 400
3 Mohd Aidil Hafez Bin Abd Rahman Assistant Director ICT & Rental aidil[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 418
4 Nor Shuhaidah Binti Ahmad Assistant Director ICT & Rental shuhaidah[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 404
5 Aida Suriani Binti Omar, PKC. Assistant Director Maintenance Campus & Logistics aida[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 401
6 Khairul Ikhwan Bin Ruslan Engineer Maintenance Campus & Logistics ikhwan[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 423
7 Muhammad Azri Bin Muhammad Azlan Technician Assistant ICT & Rental azri[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 418
8 Nurul Shahida Binti Mohd Salleh Technician Assistant ICT & Rental shahida[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 404
9 Norizan Binti Ahmad Assistant Management ICT & Rental norizanahmad[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 404
10 Mahasan Bin Mat Ali, PJK. Senior Technician Maintenance Campus & Logistics mahasan[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 423
11 Mohd Gusti @ Zul Azmi Bin Alwi, PJK. Technician Maintenance Campus & Logistics zulazmi[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 423
12 Shahril Syazwan Bin Zakaria Operation Assistant Maintenance Campus & Logistics shahril[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 115


wdt_ID Name Position Unit Email Extension
1 Faraliza Binti Abd Rahman, AMP. Director Skills Training & Student Affairs faraliza[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 111
2 Saifuramlan Bin Sabudin, PKC. Senior Assistant Director Skills Training saifuramlan[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 411
3 Siti Rahayu Binti Majid Assistant Director Record Student rahayu[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 427
4 Mohamad Afizan Bin Ghazali Assistant Director Student Admissions & Records afizan[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 407
5 Nurul Husna Binti Kamarudin Assistant Director Student Affairs husna[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 433
6 Muhida Binti Ishak Training Officer Student Affairs muhida[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 417
7 Aliah Binti Osman, PJK. Senior Trainer Skills Training aliah[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 421
8 Shukrie Bin Supian, PKC. Senior Trainer Skills Training shukrie[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 419
9 Azlina Binti Jaafar, PKC. Admin Assistant Skills Training azlina[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 410
10 Rosmawati Binti Yusof, PKC. Lecturer Skills Training rosmawati[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 417
11 Shahrina Binti Zainuddin Lecturer Skills Training shahrina[at][pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 417
12 Zainab Binti Semaon, PKC. Lecturer Skills Training zainab[at][pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 403
13 Norhayati Binti Ramli, PKT. Lecturer Skills Training hayati[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 403
14 Rozila Binti Othman Lecturer Skills Training rozila[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 403
15 Masturah Binti Mohd Fuad Lecturer Skills Training masturah[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 403
16 Arzariyna Binti Yunos Trainer Skills Training arzariyna[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 403
17 Mohamad Harun Bin Zani Trainer Skills Training harun[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 403
18 Mohamad Hilmi Bin Baharudin Trainer Skills Training hilmi[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 301
19 Mohd Khairi Bin Zolkafi Trainer Skills Training khairi[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 300
20 Muhamad Asrul Bin Abdul Samat Trainer Skills Training asrul[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 301
21 Norfarhany Adila Binti Mohammad Trainer Skills Training adila[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 419
22 Nur Afiqah Solehah Binti Mohd Anwar Trainer Skills Training afiqah[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 419
23 Muhammad Syarifuddin Bin A Rahim Trainer Skills Training syarifuddin[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 419
24 Hazlin Binti Ghazali, PKT. Admin Assistant Student Admissions hazlin[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 409
25 Mohamad Arif Idzudin Bin Mohd Adzhar Admin Assistant Student Admissions arif[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 413
26 Noraini Binti Ishak Admin Assistant Student Admissions noraini[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 416
27 Rohaizalia Binti Nazri Admin Assistant Student Admissions rohaizalia[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 406
28 Amirul Faizwan Bin Kadir Admin Assistant Student Affairs amirul[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 428
29 Lailatul Nur Aqilah Binti Othman Admin Assistant Student Affairs lailatul[at]pahangskills[dot]gov[dot]my 426
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