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Working at Height (WAH)

About This Course

This course is designed for personnel work exposed to work at height where there is a risk of a fall liable to cause personal injury. During the course participants will gain a basic level of understanding of the applicable legislation, the potential hazards and PPE requirements related

Learning Objectives:
  • Strengthen workplace safety culture by elevating the profile and importance of preventing falls from heights.
  • Provide workers who may be exposed to the hazard of falling with adequate knowledge about fall hazards and general safety practices to work safely at heights.
  • Provide workers who use personal fall protection equipment with sufficient knowledge about its purpose and use


Target Audience

Scaffolders, plant operators, construction workers and maintenance personnel. 


1 day (8 hours) 


Pahang Skills Development Centre

Course Outline

  • Equipment familiarization and inspection
  • Legislation – Act, Regulations and Guidelines related to Working at Height
  • Hazards relating to Working at Height
  • Hazard Management & Control
  • Equipment used for Working at Height
  • Application of equipment for Working at Height
  • PPE required for Working at Height

HRDF Claimable

HRDF Claimable

Contact Person

Suzila Saad – 017 989 9467
Siti Nurul Aishah Mohd Yasin – 013-724 5621
Ajmal Ghassani Kamarzaman – 011 6125 1402

Scaffolders, plant operators, construction workers and maintenance personnel. 
1 day (8 hours) 

Pahang Skills Development Centre

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