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Electrician engineer tests electrical installations and wires on relay protection system. Adjustment of scheme of automation and control of electrical equipment.

Wireman PW4

Wireman PW4

About This Course

Wireman PW4 Possess a Single-Phase wiring certificate of competency for at least 1 year from issuance date of the PW2 certificate of competency. Possess not less than 1 year working experience in Three Phase electrical wiring with a Class C electrical contractor registered with the Energy Commission.

Learning Objectives:

This part-time can provide opportunities for private candidates who are working in related fields to increase knowledge, improve personal development and career. Through this course, candidates can follow theoretical and practical lessons in an orderly and systematic manner in a more flexible time before the candidates sit for the relevant competency exams.

Target Audience

All industrial sectors (Manufacturing, Industry, Contractors, Construction, Plantation )


240 Hours / 6 Months


Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST)

Course Content

• Electricity Supply Act 1990 and Energy Commission Act 2001.
• Electricity Regulations 1994 and its amendments.
• Standard MS IEC 60364:2003 ‘Electrical Installations of Building’.
• MS 1936:2006 ‘Electrical Installations of Building – Code of Practice’.
• MS 1936:2006 ‘Electrical Installations of Building – Guide To MS IEC 60364’
• Restoration of breathing, first aid
• and electric shock treatment.

  • Basic Electrical Knowledge
  • Basic Electricity (Measurement)
  • Installation Of Three-Phase Wiring (Cable)
  • Installation Of Three-Phase Wiring (Wiring)
  • Installation Of Three-Phase Wiring (Lighting Circuit)
  • Three-Phase Wiring Installation (Test And Testing Tools)
  • Installation Of Three-Phase Wiring (Electric Capacity)
  • Three-Phase Wiring Protection System (Switch Appliance And Distribution Board).
  • Three-Phase Wiring Protection System (Circuit Protection)
  • Grounding System
  • Grounding System (Flash Protection System)
  • Types of Motors, Motor Turn-On and Their Wiring
  • Three-Phase Electric Drawing (Electric Installation Design)

Contact Person

Suzila Saad – 017 989 9467
Siti Nurul Aishah Mohd Yasin – 013-724 5621
Ajmal Ghassani Kamarzaman – 011 6125 1402

Wireman PW4
All industrial sectors (Manufacturing, Industry, Contractors, Construction, Plantation )
240 Hours / 6 Months

Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST)

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